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TECHNOLOGY – And Why it Has Become Vital for Your Case

When you make a claim against an insurance company, it will do whatever it can to deny, defend, and delay your claim. And insurance companies have almost unlimited resources with which to do it – trust us. We learned years ago that we absolutely must leverage all of the technology available to us in order to battle the insurance company. Insurance companies are big ships and it takes a long time to turn them. We have the ability to move quickly. This means using technology to make your case better, faster, and more convenient for you. We have implemented both server-based and internet-based case management software, cloud computing, online calendaring, internet video conferencing with clients, online and email document signatures, and a variety of other technological enhancements to improve not only your case but your experience. Gone are the days of driving perhaps hours in order to meet with your lawyer. Gone are the days of not knowing the “status” of your case. Gone are the days when an insurance company could sit back and relax on your claim, knowing that nothing was going to be done until the next time the lawyer happened to look at the file. We are powering your case with the strength of technology. We are Hogan & Hogan, the Smart Choice.

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