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          What Does It Mean To Be A Client of Hogan & Hogan?

          EVERY CASE IS UNIQUE. Regardless of your problem - car accident, slip and fall, work injury, bankruptcy, immigration - unexpected legal problems can be LIFE ALTERING. And we understand that. While we are proud that we have collected OVER 15 MILLION DOLLARS for our clients throughout Florida and have WON OVER 4,000 CASES, what we truly take pride in is being there for you in your TIME OF NEED. Here at Hogan & Hogan, we take care of THE WHOLE CLIENT. We don't want to just handle your claim. We want to provide to you a NETWORK OF SUPPORT. If you need a doctor to help with your injuries, we can find one that will provide you with exceptional care. If you need assistance in getting your car fixed, we can set you up with a repair shop. If you need credit counseling, we will make it happen. We understand that you may have hired a law firm in the past where you didn't even get to talk to a lawyer. Here, you will WORK DIRECTLY WITH A LAWYER throughout your case. Our priority is the highest level of CUSTOMER SERVICE that you deserve.

          Every single client that hires our firm crosses our desks. So we will PERSONALLY know your case. Behind the scenes of your case is a team that works EFFECTIVELY to get you the BEST RESULTS. It's not only your injuries that determine what your recovery will be. When you make a claim against an insurance company, it will do whatever it can to deny, defend, and delay your claim. And insurance companies have almost UNLIMITED RESOURCES with which to do so. So here at Hogan & Hogan, not only do we LEVERAGE our EXPERIENCE but we use TECHNOLOGY to make your case BETTER, FASTER and more CONVENIENT for you. We have implemented both server-based and internet-based case management software, cloud computing, online calendaring, internet video conferencing capabilities, online and email document signatures and other paperless TECHNOLOGICAL ENHANCEMENTS to improve not only your case but YOUR EXPERIENCE. Gone are the days when an insurance company could sit back and relax on your claim, knowing that nothing was done until the next time the lawyer happened to look at the file. We are powering your case with the strength of technology paired with excellent customer service. We are Hogan & Hogan, THE SMART CHOICE.

          Thien-Vu Hogan and Jeremy Hogan

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