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Are Vaccination Passports Lawful?

By April 1, 20213 Comments


Welcome to Legal Briefs – in 60 seconds, and today you find out if a national “vaccine passport” could be legal in the USofA.

Yes, a vaccine passport could legally be in your future.  If Congress were to pass a law requiring you to, for example, show your vaccine passport to enter an airport or board a train or drive across state lines, it is well within its power to do so.

Will armed soldiers be sticking needles in your arm?  No, probably not – you will simply be shut out of “Government” services especially in  those areas that the federal government controls such as borders and travel.

And the Constitution probably won’t protect you except perhaps the 2nd Amendment protections for religious beliefs – maybe.  The Constitutionality of vaccine requirements has been well established since 1905 in the Jacobson v. Massachusetts case involving mandatory smallpox vaccinations.

So yes, it is not only possible but it’s apparently happening.

Thanks for watching and – stay active.

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