December 26, 2019
pinocchio's nose

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (Tips From A Laywer)

In my 15 years of practicing law, I get lied to a lot:  the opposing party, opposing counsel, potential witnesses and sometimes my very own client.  I’ve come up with a few techniques to find out if someone is being 100 percent truthful. TONE – BE EMPATHETIC The tone you create is important.  When you are trying to spot a liar, you’re not the only one doing the evaluating. They are judging you too. They are gauging whether they are being successful as a liar. A lot of TV lawyers come in guns a blazing showing how tough they are […]
December 9, 2019
hockey players fighting

Sports Violence: Why Athletes Aren’t Charged With Assault

Back in 2013, Kanye West got mad at a paparazzi guy and grabbed the camera out of the guys hand and was charged with assault and battery.  Last week, I watched 22 grown men try to knock each other’s heads off on a football field – not one arrest or lawsuit.  What’s up with that? Ordinarily, when people punch, hit or elbow others, it is criminal, or at least the basis for a civil lawsuit. In the sports context, however, neither prosecutions nor lawsuits generally result from this behavior. Legally, battery is the willful and unlawful touching of another. Period.  […]
November 22, 2019

Osceola Hotel Closes for Renovations, Evicting More Than 20 Families

Hurricane Maria victims may be displaced yet again. Watch Channel 13’s coverage of Attorney Jeremy Hogan as he meets with survivors, facing invalid lease terminations, in hopes of having them stay through the holidays. To read more, click here: https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2019/11/20/osceola-hotel-closes–evicting-more-than-20-families
November 10, 2019
cartoon depicting a lawyer objecting

Legalese Explained. And How It Might Save President Trump.

Lawyers create in words – we don’t make a “thing” you can touch other than words on a piece of paper.  Legalese is the term used to describe the old-fashioned and technical writing often used by lawyers.  Let me tell you where legalese comes from, when to use it (and not use it) and why it might lead to Donald Trump beating Impeachment. Here is an example of legalese found at the end of a deed: In witness whereof the parties hereunto have set their hands to these presents as a deed on the day month and year hereinbefore mentioned. […]
October 21, 2019
3 judges

Funny Judicial Opinions

Today we pay tribute to Judges who have gotten a little creative in their opinions. Most Judges – especially appellate Judges – are known to be pretty staid.  You typically think of them as dour old attorneys with little sense of humor. Take for example the Judge in William T. Moore v. the State of Washington. In the Moore case an inmate filed a civil rights violation action against the State.  In fact, the inmate had filed numerous civil rights violation lawsuits against the State and was apparently spending his time in prison drafting strange and unusual lawsuits and motions. […]
October 11, 2019
discrimination name tag with judge's gavel and block

Why Minority And Female Case Settlement Values Are Lower

If you are Hispanic, African-American, a woman, your injury or accident case often absolutely settles for less money.  I’m Going to Tell You Why In America, the problems in the criminal justice system are relatively well documented.  For example, a recent study found that African Americans are incarcerated at over 5 times the rate of White Americans and they receive longer sentences.  These studies are numerous because conviction and incarceration rates are public information and available to the public and researchers. But what about the disparity in Civil lawsuits or personal injury claims?  Search for research papers on civil lawsuit […]
September 30, 2019
woman spanking her child

Are You Allowed To Spank Your Kids (Legally)?

When I was a kid back in the 90s, I mean the 80s, ok, I mean the 70s, a spanking was a thing done both by parents and even at school where I remember the Principal had a paddle with holes in it in order to make it more aerodynamic and faster – to hurt more.  But times have changed and corporal punishment has gone out of style. In fact, many countries – including the ones you’d expect in Europe have banned corporal punishment but also some countries like Mongolia, the Congo, and most of South America have joined in as […]
September 17, 2019
man searching on google

Top Most Searched “Is it Legal to” Questions On Google

In today’s blog, I answer the top “Is it legal to” Google searches. Here we go: 1. Is it legal to drive barefoot? If that is so important to you, I have good news. It is legal to drive barefoot in all states. 2. Is it legal to burn money? No. It is not legal to burn money. It is a Federal crime and you can go to jail for ten years. So don’t do it. 3. Is it legal to sleep in my car? No. A lot of cities have been making sleeping in your car illegal to manage […]
September 17, 2019
florida man mugshot

Best Florida Man Headlines in 2019

Oh Florida, the Sunshine State. Beautiful weather, beaches and parks. But we do have to endure …. The Florida Man. What has he been up to in 2019? Here are my favorites: Pasco Man Hits Dad With Pizza After Finding Out His Father Delivered Him At Birth. Florida Man Denies Syringes Found Inside His Rectum Are His. Florida Man Accused Of Robbing Chinese Restaurant At Finger Point. Florida Man Finds World War II Grenade, Tosses It In The Trunk, Brings It To A Taco Bell. Florida Man Who Burned Caged Cat, Fed It To Dogs. Florida Man Dances His Way […]
August 11, 2019
tesla auto pilot crash

Tesla Failed Autopilot System: What Legally Happens Next?

What Happened? Tesla was recently sued by the family of a man who died when the Tesla’s autopilot failed to avoid a truck that ran a red light.  This is an important harbinger of things to come. When a person doesn’t pay attention and rear-ends you from behind, you might sue him for negligence.  You come to me, we make the claim against the other driver – and then the person’s insurance company (if you hired me) pays you a boatload of money. It’s relatively straight-forward. However, what we are beginning to see, and what will become more and more […]