May 1, 2019
hotel toiletries on the counter

What Can You Legally Take From Your Hotel Room?

What can you legally take from your hotel room?  The answer might surprise you. In law school we learn that Theft is the physical removal of an item from the possession of another, without their consent, with the intention to permanently deprive the owner of it. In that context, it is technically “theft” to even take the half-used mini shampoo bottle at the end of your stay.  You rented the room, but nowhere in your rental agreement does it say that you have purchased the shampoo bottle or bar of soap. So, as you probably have assumed in the past, […]
April 27, 2019
cross examination papers

Lawyer Cross-Examination Tricks & Techniques You Can Use Anywhere

Us lawyers use a lot of techniques at deposition, a cross-examination to get opposing parties to say things that will help our case.  Here are some that you can use in your everyday arguing. THE OBVIOUS YES TECHNIQUE The first technique is what I call the “obvious yes” technique and that is where you ask a series of general questions where the answer is obviously “yes,” leading to a question where a jury infers another “yes” is the correct answer, even though the person you are examining does not want to answer “yes.” For example, in a car accident case, […]
April 26, 2019
man taking a lie detector test

Are Lie Detector Test Results Admissible In Court?

Wouldn’t our justice system be so much easier if everyone just took a lie detector test in the courtroom and the Judge found you guilty or not guilty based on the results?  Our question today: Are polygraph Results Admissible in Court? Lie detector tests don’t really tell us when you are lying directly.  Instead you are asked questions and the machine measures your biological responses to the questions – such as breathing and heart rate. Did you eat the last piece of pie?  Do I look fat in these jeans?  Where were you on the night of December 31, 1999?  […]
April 25, 2019
assignment of benefits

2019 Assignment of Benefits Reform Changes

The Florida Legislature has passed a complete overhaul of property insurance assignment of benefits law. These are big changes and will drastically affect water restoration companies and other businesses that utilize an assignment of benefits in the home insurance context. The 2019 reforms would seem to have been drafted by the insurance lobby and signed off on by the legislature. Doubtless these reforms will save the insurance industry millions of dollars. What are the major changes for those involved with assignments of benefits? First, the legislation limits assignments of benefits (“AOBs”) for emergency services to $3,000 or 1 percent of […]
April 22, 2019
easter bunny fight in orlando

Easter Bunny Fight: Is The Bunny Going To Jail?

Yesterday, Easter evening, a person dressed in a rabbit costume jumped into a fight on an Orlando sidewalk and started throwing punches.  Only in Florida.  So, is the rascally rabbit guilty of a crime?  So, right away the clip shows a fight in progress.  The key point from the first 5 seconds is that the woman in the black definitely has the upper-hand.  The man is on his back on the ground and the woman has got his hair and hits him at least once before the bunny get involved. Now in the 5-25 second mark is where the bunny […]
April 22, 2019
blocked phone call screen

Annoyed: How To Sue Telemarketers

You are constantly getting telemarketing calls and you are sick of it – it more than just bugs you – you are ready to take action.  I am going to tell you what to do to fight back against telemarketers.  I mean really fight back.  You’re Going to Sue Them This is going to be a little work but it works: First, register your phone number with federal Do Not Call Registry.  It’s www.donotcall.gov and it takes literally five minutes. Second, wait thirty-one days.  That’s the statutory time in which telemarketers have to obtain your phone number and add it […]
April 18, 2019
president trump waving in dismissal

How Would President Trump Be Impeached?

How does the President of the United States get kicked out of office and what will this likely look like with President Trump? The impeachment process is found in the United States Constitution and it is begun by the House of Representatives with a simple majority vote. The impeachment then goes to the Senate for basically a trial on whether the President committed “High crimes and misdemeanors.”  Unfortunately “high crimes and misdemeanors” is not defined by the Constitution (bad job founding fathers, my Constitutional professor would NOT approve) – so no one really knows what it means but it sounds […]
April 18, 2019
finger pushing a sexting button

Can Sexting Get You In Legal Trouble?

Can sexting, that is, texting a nude photo of yourself – get you in trouble with the law? Most of you have heard of Anthony Weiner and the legal trouble he found himself in after sending some nude pics of himself.  With that in mind, and before we talk about the legal issues, ladies, please excuse me while I have a sidebar with all the men out there. Sidebar: Okay listen up guys – no one wants to see nude pictures of you, especially …closeups. No one.  Just don’t do it. Don’t. Okay, now back to the larger issue.  Almost […]
April 14, 2019
mugshot of a parent and a child

Parental Liability: Are Parents Responsible for Their Children’s Actions?

It’s straight out of the movies – your kids are playing baseball in the backyard and “crash” your 12 year old has hit a home run right through your neighbor’s window.  Are you legally responsible for repairing the window?  In the movies, the kids always raise the money and pay for the damage they caused – finding themselves along the way.  But we all know that’s not how the real world works so – we know you are morally responsible for damage caused by your child but (for those somewhat morally challenged) are you legally responsible as well? Our analysis […]
April 12, 2019
kim kardashian in a black pinstripe suit

Kim Kardashian West is Taking the California Bar Exam in 2020

So Ms. Kim Kardashian West wants to follow her father’s footsteps and become lawyer. She announced that she plans to take the California Bar Exam in 2020. California has long had a reputation for having one of the most difficult bar exams in the country. But wait, when did she go to law school? Surprising to most people, there are four (4) states that allow aspiring lawyers to take the bar exam without going to law school. Those states are: California Virginia Vermont Washington The California Bar posted on their Facebook page in response to Ms. Kardashian West’s announcement, “CA […]