January 9, 2021

Coup? Insurrection? Impeachment? What Just Happened?

I was deposing a witness last Wednesday and opposing counsel, who had been surfing the internet on his phone during most of my deposition (which is not uncommon) asked to take a break and I asked him if he was okay and he literally says, I quote, “I don’t know, the President is leading a rebellion – they are all over the Capitol Building.”  It was a strange week indeed. It’s weeks like these that make me think law school messes your brain up a little.  You start to look at everything like it’s a legal case – it’s not normal.  […]
January 7, 2021

Protect Yourself With An Limited Liability Corporation

If you are a Crypto Investor or really any type of investor and you aren’t doing this ONE thing you risk losing it ALL. But I’m not going to tell you what it is until 10 minutes into this video to keep the watch time up on Youtube. Just kidding! But please do watch to the end – this could be the most important video you ever watch related to investing. Okay, you have worked hard, you have done your research and back in the day invested your money in Bitcoin at 5 cents a coin and you bought 1 […]
January 5, 2021

SEC vs. RIPPLE – FAQs Must-Read!

Hello, this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and since I posted a video on the SEC lawsuit involving the XRP cryptocurrency I received a lot of comments, emails and questions and quickly realized there’s a lot of misinformation and concern out there about Ripple lawsuit.  So what I did after work today is compile the most frequent questions I’ve been receiving and we will go through each one of them – I think if you own XRP you might feel better afterwards, and if you don’t – then you’ll probably be bored out of your mind (I recommend you instead check […]
January 4, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple, Legal Analysis Regarding XRP Coin

  Hello, this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and I have been seeing all sorts of strange commentary on the SEC lawsuit filed against Ripple.  In this video I give you the relevant law so you can analyze your own positions for yourself but then we go deeper into how regulatory and even complaints work, how the game is played,  and then go just a touch deeper into motivations of regulatory agencies and such.  All in under 10 minutes – hold your breath. You made it past the break so let’s begin.  The SEC recently filed a lawsuit against Ripple alleging […]
January 2, 2021

The ONLY Way to Outline in Law School!

Hello and Welcome to Legal Briefs. I’m Attorney Thien-Vu Hogan and today I will show you the only way to do outlining right. Ok, so everyone knows what outlining is. And why we do it. It’s the process where you take everything you learn in the semester and put it together in a frame work to show how those pieces fit together. I’ll show you tips on how to start putting one together in a bit but to me that was the most frustrating part about law school.  The professor throws bits and pieces of the subject matter here and […]
January 2, 2021

What Are Smart Contracts On Blockchain? Game Changer!

Today let’s discuss smart contracts basics and why blockchain is a contracts game changer. Blockchain technology is the basis for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and that’s how you may know about it but I believe that in addition to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain technology will change legal contracts forever. If you don’t know, and to keep it as simple as possible, blockchain technology is a distributed network -meaning that the data or in our case the smartcontracts – are kept on numerous computers, not just one.  And it’s called blockchain because once data is locked in by another block of […]
December 29, 2020

How to Ace Your Law School Exam But Do THIS and You Will Fail!

We have many law school interns and aspiring law students come through our law firm through the years. Many need strategic advice on how to ace their law school exams. So today, will go over tricks that will help you rack up those points on your next essay exam. If you write a law school essay exam like you did in college, you will fail.  Law school exams are completely different and I am going to show you exactly how and exactly how to get an A on your exam. If you are watching this, you likely are in law […]
December 27, 2020

Can the Government or an Employer Require Vaccinations?

My law firm has already fielded a couple questions from clients about whether they can be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccination. The client called me and asked why are all these vaccines being approved without adequate testing?  I told him “because we feel like “Russian”  …  get it? … “rushing.” It’s hard to find a good vaccine joke … just not a very funny subject. Anyways, first question: “Can the Government force you to receive the vaccine” and, second question, “Can your employer force you?” Two very different legal issues. Can the Government Require Vaccinations? As to whether the government […]
December 22, 2020

The Death Penalty is Unconstitutional!

In today’s Legal Brief I argue that the death penalty is Unconstitutional – because it is.  Convince me I’m wrong. Currently about 28 states have criminal statutes which provide for killing people for certain crimes (can you tell my bias already?).  I expected to see that most states with the death penalty are in the South but as you can see, that is not really true.  I think I thought that because Texas has the vast majority of inmates on death row and it skews the statistics south.  The states death penalties are almost all for the highest level of […]
December 4, 2020

Medical Malpractice Explained Using the Resident

Today we talk about medical malpractice law and we’ll use “The Resident” TV show for examples because … Grey’s Anatomy is way too easy. Enjoy. MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ELEMENTS Medical malpractice is simply an offshoot of regular negligence that has been limited and changed by state legislatures.  A malpractice action has four elements: (1) That the medical professional has a duty to the patient, (2) A breach of the duty by failing to provide a “reasonable standard of care,” (3) An injury to the patient, and (4) That the patient suffered “measurable damages.” The important thing to remember in situations like this […]