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Can You Be Arrested for Spreading Covid?

By April 25, 20212 Comments


Hello this attorney Thien-Vu Hogan and TODAY on LEGAL BRIEFS …  Can be ARRESTED for spreading Covid?

And the Answer is YES, in most states you CAN be arrested if you INTENTIONALLY or RECKLESSLY spread Covid.  The “INTENTIONAL” part PROBABLY makes sense to you but what does it mean to “RECKLESSLY” spread Covid?

FIRST, you must KNOW that you have Covid, and SECOND, in most states you must be violating a health or quarantine order.  So let’s say you have Covid and go out after 9:00 pm when there is a 9:00 pm curfew – that could get you in trouble. For example, a Chicago man was recently arrested for violating his 14 day quarantine order. Probably a Bears fan.

And the Federal Government recently announced that Covid meets the definition of a “BIOLOGICAL AGENT” and if you intentionally spread it, you could be prosecuted for TERRORISM. Yes, TERRORISM.

Which makes me wonder – What about intentionally or recklessly spreading the common cold or flu. Could someone be labeled a TERRORIST for doing so? Are these just overreaching laws? What do you think?

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