Jeremy Hogan

May 14, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Predictions!

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome back to Legal Briefs – crypto XRP edition. This is attorney Jeremy Hogan and I have been busy this last 2 weeks – we had a case set for trial that settled almost literally at the courthouse steps and then my case that settled at 7:30  last night at mediation. I can’t tell you what we settled for last night but…my client is very happy. In any case, it got me thinking about the SEC v. Ripple case, Yes, the lawyers argue over everything and yes it can seem that the case will NEVER […]
April 30, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Discovery Battle

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs – SEC v. Ripple edition. I am just home from work and I’ve been waiting to talk about the Discovery hearing from this morning for 6 hours and I can’t hold back no more. The hearing was in regard to the SEC use of formal requests to foreign regulators to get documents from Ripple’s business partners and … I still happen to have my secretly placed video camera in the actual courtroom so before I give you my opinion let’s roll the video of the hearing. That would make more sense […]
April 29, 2021

Lawyer Explains: Can The Police Search My Car?

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and welcome to Legal Briefs. Today is very important because we are going to talk about illegal search and seizure by the Po-po and specifically while you are driving – when you are pulled over can the police search your glove compartment – that type of thing. But you are in for a special treat because I want to use my friend Jay-Z’s situation from his song 99 Problems to teach you about this issue so let me just shoot him a text and make sure we’re all good before we […]
April 6, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Motion to Compel Discovery Hearing

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs crypto edition.  Today in the SEC v Ripple case Judge Netburn heard oral argument wherein Ripple requested that the Court force the SEC to turn over all documents related to its internal and external discussions related to Bitcoin and Ethereum being deemed “Not a security” and I listened in for all one and a half hours you so you didn’t have to be bored to death – BUT it was actually super interesting so..I didn’t mind. As you may know the Court did not allow ANY recording of the hearing under […]
March 30, 2021

What Do You Own When You Buy An NFT?

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO: Hello this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and welcome to Legal Briefs and are you in for a treat because today we are going to talk about what you are legally buying when you buy an NFT – a non fungible token.  As you may have heard, NFTs have been selling like mad recently – this piece of art by an artist called BlackSneakers recently sold for $7,000. Very nice very nice.  But that’s nothing compared to what an artist who goes by the name Beeple sold recently – this collage of digital art and it sold for […]
March 28, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Endgame. Partial Settlement?

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs – XRP edition. This week saw the filing of the XRP holder’s letter seeking intervention into the lawsuit, and quickly thereafter responses from both the SEC and Ripple and this battle is getting amazing.  I’m like a kid at the movies watching this (back when we used to go to the movies) and this week we are going to take a look at, among other things, how Ripple is using the XRP Holder’s motion to attack the SEC’s position and …well – watch this – Just imagine Thor is the XRP […]
March 25, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: #RelistXRP

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs – #RELISTXRP edition and thanks again for watching. If you thought I had gone MIA it’s only because my office has been decimated by COVID – 5 of 15 staff have it and it’s no joke.  Stay safe everyone. Today we have something a little different for you because generally speaking I review and breakdown the legal pleadings in the SEC v. Ripple case but tonight I am going to make an argument and I am going to do it to a hypothetical Judge A (Abra) Judge B (Binance!)  and of […]
March 20, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Bombshell at the Discovery Hearing!

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs Crypto-geek edition and today I attended the SEC v. Ripple hearing – made very easy by a cool new invention called the “telephone” and Wow, this was a very special hearing because there were two yes two Bombshells and so on a scale of 1-10 this hearing was an 11 for Ripple. SO, I got on the hearing and I was drafting a motion while I was listening because these motions on discovery disputes are pretty mundane and I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be any different.  But around the 15 […]
March 16, 2021

XRP Holders Assemble!

TRASCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Hello this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and welcome to Legal Briefs – crypto edition. Attorney John Deaton has just filed a Motion to Intervene in the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit and this might be the most important pleading in the case to date and I am going to tell you why that is and how it works and finally how you, yes YOU are needed.  Because if Ripple is Captain America, you are spiderman and Antman and Shuri – except you obviously haven’t just been resurrected. I get to be Black Panther – obviously the best Marvel […]
March 11, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: SEC Motion to Dismiss Ripple Defense and a Major Discovery Battle!

TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO Hello and welcome to another episode of crypto Legal Briefs.  Today we are going to talk about all of the recent activity in the SEC v. Ripple case including the upcoming Motion to Strike one of Ripple’s key defenses, Ripple’s motion to compel discovery, and explain what’s going on and why it’s important for you. And,excuse me one second …  hi George?  Yes, thanks for calling me back?  It’s okay to use?  Are you sure George?  Wow, that’s great – thanks buddy. Okay roll it. A long time ago in a Courthouse far away… SEC v. RIPPLE […]