February 26, 2021

Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Discusses: SEC v. Ripple Case Hinges on THIS. Cameos, Transcripts and Analysis!

TRANSCRIPT FROM VLOG: Hello, this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and welcome to another Crypto edition of Legal Briefs and today we are going to discuss the importance of the Judge in cases like the Ripple lawsuit.  We will look at some actual court transcripts and see what we can find out  AND   I have a special guest today, my Father, who is a retired lawyer AND Judge and who will tell us about a case he heard as Judge.  And of course, we will approach that interview with all due respect for our elders. I have got my  hands on […]
February 15, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Case Management Letter

February 6, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Pre-Trial Conference Explained

TRANSCRIPT FROM VLOG: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs (Crypto edition).  In the SEC vs. Ripple litigation we have the pre-trial conference scheduled for February 22 but this hearing is NOT what you think.  Today we talk about what’s going to happen at the conference and show you exactly what the timeframes will be and the 4 different settlement scenarios. Welcome back and join me in a legal analysis of the scheduled pre-trial conference by the famous law journal … …Coingeek?  “Ripples trial begins February 22nd?”  Nice headline Coingeek (sarcastic). So, there’s a lot of confusion out there about what is […]
January 30, 2021


TRANSCRIPT OF VLOG: Hello and welcome to another Legal Briefs.  I know what you’re thinking today – I’m reading your mind – can I find the next Reddit thread and buy in early to whatever the next stock or crypto Pump up is coming up and make a million dollars? Or am I going to get in trouble.  Stay tuned. Welcome back my fellow greedy investors (Don’t worry – I don’t judge you, I am only here to discuss). First the disclaimer: Don’t rely on what I say as legal advice – these are very nuanced legal  issues with big […]
January 29, 2021

Lawyer Discusses Ripple’s Answer to SEC’s Complaint: SURPRISE!

TRANSCRIPT OF VLOG: Hello and welcome to the late night Legal Briefs – crypto edition.  Today Ripple filed its long-awaited Answer to the SEC lawsuit and there were some very interesting things in there and ONE BIG SHOCKER so let’s GET TO IT.  So I was preparing to do a vlog tomorrow on the GameSpot and DogeCoin craziness when out of the blue this afternoon I received the notification that the Ripple Response to the SEC had been filed and 4 hours and 2 cups of coffee later, walla, here I am with a microphone and camera. Quick disclaimer: Do […]
January 27, 2021

The SEC is Coming For Your Crypto! Beware!

TRANSCRIPT OF VLOG  Intro and Summation for Non-deep Divers Hello, Attorney Jeremy Hogan back with you and welcome to yet another Legal Briefs (crypto-edition).  If you are involved in the Crypto or blockchain world in any way, stay with me after the break because today I am going to share with you what the SEC is doing in the USofA – and it’s not only about Ripple.  You HAVE to hear this if only because it is extremely terrifying. I really am only supposed to be doing one crypto vlog a week but once I saw what I’m about to […]
January 23, 2021

SEC vs. XRP – The Great Summation! LetMe Bottomline it For You.

Transcript: Hello All, and welcome to THE GREAT XRP SUMMATION. In the next ten minutes I will impart all my XRP knowledge upon you and then, having nothing more to give, I will fall into a coma for 100 years. Let us begin.  Today, I am going to hopefully clear up some confusion surrounding XRP and in general what a security is, explain why the exchanges have halted sales, and FINALLY (at the end, always at the end) I will summarize the legal position of Ripple/XRP for you, what the most likely outcomes are, and then tell you why buying […]
January 19, 2021

Tips to Stand Out at Your Law Firm Interview

I’m attorney Thien-Vu Hogan and throughout the almost 15 years I’ve been running my practice, I’ve interviewed well over hundreds of candidates. So, let me tell you why I hired the people that work for me. So you’re looking for a job at a law firm. It’s competitive out there. Not only are you competing with other smart law school graduates, you’re competing against other lawyers WITH experience. But regardless of whether you are interviewing for an attorney position, paralegal, internship or other position at a law firm, let me tell you the top five tips to landing that law […]
January 11, 2021

XRP vs. SEC: The Tables Have Turned? / Update On SEC Action .

Hello, this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and this week on the Legal Briefs “Crypto -edition” XRP has returned lightsaber in hand ready to fight the Empire. I wanted to use “The XRP Strikes Back” for the thumbnail but the analogy is backwards. In this Legal Brief we have some very important insights on the SEC vs. Ripple litigation – there is now a Writ of Mandamus filed by a third party against the SEC we’ll discuss that, Coinbase was sued also by a third party and we’ll talk about that briefly, and then wait until the end for the best […]
January 4, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple, Legal Analysis Regarding XRP Coin

  Hello, this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and I have been seeing all sorts of strange commentary on the SEC lawsuit filed against Ripple.  In this video I give you the relevant law so you can analyze your own positions for yourself but then we go deeper into how regulatory and even complaints work, how the game is played,  and then go just a touch deeper into motivations of regulatory agencies and such.  All in under 10 minutes – hold your breath. You made it past the break so let’s begin.  The SEC recently filed a lawsuit against Ripple alleging […]