March 4, 2021

SEC v. Ripple: Motion to Dismiss Letter, Garlington and Larson Out?

TRANSCRIPT FROM VLOG: Hello and welcome to Legal Briefs – late night crypto edition. Yes, I was lying down in bed getting ready to sleep watching Between Two Ferns on Youtube when “ding” I was notified that the individual Defendants Garlinghouse and Larsen had filed their Motions to Dismiss the lawsuit letters and as tired as I was – I couldn’t help but take a look. And I read it and I got so excited about it I had to get up and knock out this vlog. I am such a legal nerd – sometimes I’m surprised she said “yes.” […]
March 2, 2021

Gary Gensler SEC Confirmation Hearing and Risk Alert

TRANSCRIPTION OF VLOG Hello and welcome to another Legal Briefs – crypto edition.  Today Gary Gensler had his confirmation hearing to become the head of the SEC and perhaps the most important person in the U.S economy, next to Powell of course, and our good Senators had a chance to ask some deep, probing, hardball questions of this appointee and here. So today we are going to discuss Mr. Gensler’s testimony – whether we can gather anything of note from it – which we can, and we will talk about the SEC “Risk Alert” that was issued last week which […]
February 15, 2021

SEC vs. Ripple: Case Management Letter

February 10, 2021

The Famous Cat Lawyer, The Smartmatic Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News, and Impeachment Part II!

TRANSCRIPT FROM VLOG: Hello and welcome back to another Legal Briefs.  Today we are talking about purrrrrrty lawyers, defamation lawsuits,  and of course Impeachment part II.  Stay tuned – you will NOT be disappointed. So, I was taught to start with your strongest material so here goes.  We start..well, it’s a Zoom hearing like all of us lawyers have been getting used to this last year and..let’s just say that one of the lawyers might have had his kid playing with his filters before the hearing.  Yes, this actually did happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxlPGPupdd8&feature=youtu.be      (:01-:39) Oh God – it cracks me up […]
February 3, 2021

Can I Sue Robinhood For Stopping Trading?

Transcript of Vlog: Hello, and welcome to Legal Briefs.  I’ve been asked a lot recently “Can I sue Robinhood or some other stock or crypto exchange because it halted trading?” And, me, aiming to please, am here to answer THAT question and at the end of this video you are going to understand the issues and also why Robinhood could be in BIG  TROUBLE. A long time ago, people would ask me “Can I sue so and so?”  And I used to say “Anyone can sue anyone – the question is  are they  going to win.”  Thank God  I soon […]
January 29, 2021

Lawyer Discusses Ripple’s Answer to SEC’s Complaint: SURPRISE!

TRANSCRIPT OF VLOG: Hello and welcome to the late night Legal Briefs – crypto edition.  Today Ripple filed its long-awaited Answer to the SEC lawsuit and there were some very interesting things in there and ONE BIG SHOCKER so let’s GET TO IT.  So I was preparing to do a vlog tomorrow on the GameSpot and DogeCoin craziness when out of the blue this afternoon I received the notification that the Ripple Response to the SEC had been filed and 4 hours and 2 cups of coffee later, walla, here I am with a microphone and camera. Quick disclaimer: Do […]
January 27, 2021

The SEC is Coming For Your Crypto! Beware!

TRANSCRIPT OF VLOG  Intro and Summation for Non-deep Divers Hello, Attorney Jeremy Hogan back with you and welcome to yet another Legal Briefs (crypto-edition).  If you are involved in the Crypto or blockchain world in any way, stay with me after the break because today I am going to share with you what the SEC is doing in the USofA – and it’s not only about Ripple.  You HAVE to hear this if only because it is extremely terrifying. I really am only supposed to be doing one crypto vlog a week but once I saw what I’m about to […]
January 23, 2021

SEC vs. XRP – The Great Summation! LetMe Bottomline it For You.

Transcript: Hello All, and welcome to THE GREAT XRP SUMMATION. In the next ten minutes I will impart all my XRP knowledge upon you and then, having nothing more to give, I will fall into a coma for 100 years. Let us begin.  Today, I am going to hopefully clear up some confusion surrounding XRP and in general what a security is, explain why the exchanges have halted sales, and FINALLY (at the end, always at the end) I will summarize the legal position of Ripple/XRP for you, what the most likely outcomes are, and then tell you why buying […]
January 19, 2021

Tips to Stand Out at Your Law Firm Interview

I’m attorney Thien-Vu Hogan and throughout the almost 15 years I’ve been running my practice, I’ve interviewed well over hundreds of candidates. So, let me tell you why I hired the people that work for me. So you’re looking for a job at a law firm. It’s competitive out there. Not only are you competing with other smart law school graduates, you’re competing against other lawyers WITH experience. But regardless of whether you are interviewing for an attorney position, paralegal, internship or other position at a law firm, let me tell you the top five tips to landing that law […]
January 18, 2021

Crazy Crypto Lawsuits! Tether Lawsuit and XRP Lawsuit.

Transcript from vlog: Hello this is attorney Jeremy Hogan and welcome to another edition of Legal Briefs – crypto edition.  Today we get a little crazy American crypto style. Got a busy vlog today so hang onto your hats – first we are going to discuss the Tether lawsuit and then seque into what I see as the  true danger to the crypto market and the true savior, and then saving the best for last we’ll finish with XRP lawsuit analysis which was very interesting for me and then a surprise at the very end – to keep you hanging […]