Best Florida Man Headlines in 2019

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florida man mugshot

Oh Florida, the Sunshine State. Beautiful weather, beaches and parks. But we do have to endure …. The Florida Man.

What has he been up to in 2019?

Here are my favorites:

  • Pasco Man Hits Dad With Pizza After Finding Out His Father Delivered Him At Birth.
  • Florida Man Denies Syringes Found Inside His Rectum Are His.
  • Florida Man Accused Of Robbing Chinese Restaurant At Finger Point.
  • Florida Man Finds World War II Grenade, Tosses It In The Trunk, Brings It To A Taco Bell.
  • Florida Man Who Burned Caged Cat, Fed It To Dogs.
  • Florida Man Dances His Way Through Sobriety Test.

The Florida Man sure causes a lot of personal injuries and car accidents.

Jeremy Hogan
Jeremy Hogan
Attorney Jeremy Hogan is a partner at Hogan & Hogan.