Our Team

Thien-Vu Hogan
Founder and Managing Partner
Direct Line: (407) 422-2196
“I highly endorse Mrs. Hogan as she is a talented attorney. Her passion and concern for her clients' matters is evidenced by her ability to empathize with their needs and her legal talents to resolve them in a professional manner. A highly competent attorney and even better person.”

- Attorney John Tran

Jeremy Hogan
Direct Line: (407) 422-2188
“Mr. Hogan is a tenacious and well versed trial lawyer who will be an asset to any client in injury related cases. His skills as a trial lawyer are matched by his ability to be honest and effective in evaluating cases to maximize his client's position.”

– Attorney Aaron Leviten

Clay Schacht
Trial Attorney
Direct Line: (407) 730-4421
"Clay & Suzy were great! Clay did exactly what he said he would and did it with a lot of confidence. I would definitely recommend them if you need an attorney."

-C.M. (former client)

Bradley Lightbourne
Associate Attorney
Direct Line: (407) 373-0685
"I hired Mr. Lightbourne to represent my daughter in a personal injury case. Mr. Lightbourne is stellar, astute, sharp and extremely patient. I knew I was in good hands."

- D.W. (former client)

Jerry Hogan
Firm Consultant
Direct Line: (407) 422-2188
“Choosing Hogan & Hogan made the world of a difference on the level of care that I received. They made the process simple for me so that I did not have to worry.”

– Y.E. (former client)

April Chiri
Customer Relations
Direct Line: (407) 422-2188
“Excellent law firm! Their team is so professional, ethical and trustworthy. They were great on updating and answering with all my concerns. Elizabeth, helped me through this difficult time in the most professional and timely manner.” -U.N. (former client)
Felicia De Leon
Direct Line: (407) 250-6868
Hogan & Hogan has handled 3 of my cases in the past 5 years. They got me a good settlement. They are the best at what they do. I highly recommend them. – R.O (former client)
Janelle Duran
Intake Specialist
Direct Line: (407) 422-2188
"At Hogan and Hogan the people are very friendly and professional. They know how to fight and they will fight for you until the end. I would highly recommend them to anyone.” - F.N. (former client)
Jennifer Morris
Direct Line: (407) 866-1310
“Hogan & Hogan was absolutely wonderful. They were there from the start to the finish. They gave us weekly updates. We were never in the dark about the case and we knew exactly what to expect. The staff was helpful and never felt bothered if we called with a question.”

- L.F. (former client)

Jessica Pinero
Direct Line: (407) 930-8239
I want to personally thank Hogan & Hogan for representing me through a difficult and stressful period. When you need legal help, you're often very stressed and fearful of the steps to come. Hogan & Hogan provided support, compassion and strong professional legal advice. They went above and beyond all of my expectations and quickly restored me to a position of strength. I highly recommend Hogan & Hogan and give them my utmost vote of confidence.” -S.T. (former client)
Melissa Kitsch
Direct Line: (407) 930-8243
“I was very impressed with the advice and representation I received at Hogan & Hogan. Their compassion for my situation made me feel comfortable that they would work the hardest to get me the best results. I have been recommending them to all my friends and family.

– N.L. (former client)

Nicole Cook
Direct Line: (407) 930-8242
“I just wanted to say thanks to all those who worked diligently on my case. I’m glad with the results and for anyone that isn’t sure where to go, try speaking to Hogan & Hogan. They will represent you the best, like family.”

-M.A. (former client)

Shakeena Lubin
Legal Assistant
Direct Line: (407) 930-1012
“I am very please with the help I received from Beauvais. He did a very good job and would definitely recommend Hogan & Hogan to all my family and friends.” - B.E. (former client)
Shanika President
Legal Assistant
spresident@hoganlegal.com, Direct Line: (407) 930-8238
“Just wanted to say thanks to all those who worked diligently on my case. I’m glad with the results and for anyone that isn’t sure where to go, try speaking to HOGAN & HOGAN. They will represent you the best, like family.” – M.A. (former client)
Suzi Cunningham
Direct Line: (407) 930-8240
“Suzi has a great attitude, is an asset to Hogan & Hogan and is very knowledgeable about the cases she handles. She was professional and always went above and beyond.”

-S.C. (former client)