The lawyers at Hogan & Hogan have been assisting victims of hurricanes since Hurricane Charley and Frances hit Florida in 2004/2005.  If your home or business was damaged during Hurricane Ian, please reach out to us.  At Hogan & Hogan, you will have Twice the Legal Power on your side. FREE CASE EVALUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED HOME INSURANCE LAWYER.


Hurricane Ian affected all of South-West Florida including Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Naples, Venice, Englewood, Sarasota, out to Orlando, Kissimmee, and even Melbourne.


Many homes and businesses suffered from flood damage.  Flood insurance is a separate insurance policy and flood damage is not generally covered by “normal” home insurance. However, what damage to a home was caused by “flooding” and what was caused by “wind” is not always clear and we can assist in evaluating the two main types of damage and delineating what was caused by which form of loss.


If your home or business was damaged during Hurricane Ian you may not know what to do. Or perhaps your insurance company is not agreeing to pay for some or all the damage to your home. We can help.  Even if your claim has been denied in its entirety, we have been able to obtain coverage and recover for our clients.  CONTINGENCY REPRESENTATION.  NO RECOVERY = NO FEE

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

*Example Home Insurance Policy

The insurance for your home/business is controlled by your insurance policy. The “Dwelling” coverage pays for costs to repair your home itself while “Personal Property” coverage pays for items in your home (eg. televisions, computers and furniture).  In Florida, you have either a $500, 2%, 5% or 10% deductible which is based on the total amount of Dwelling insurance. JUST BECAUSE YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TELLS YOU THAT THE DAMAGE DOES NOT MEET YOUR DEDUCTIBLE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE NO CLAIM. 


Insurance companies commonly raise two coverage defenses when attempting to not pay for a claim.  The first defense is that the damage is just “wear and tear” and therefore is not covered by the insurance policy. For example, especially if your roof was over ten years old at the time of the hurricane, there will be some wear and tear to the roof. That, however, is not a legal basis for a denial of the claim if the roof was functioning as designed at the time of the hurricane. A special roof deductible may apply and the recovery may be less, but it is still a covered loss.  The second common defense is failure to mitigate the damages. This is, at heart, an attempt by the insurance company to blame you for the damage to your home. DON’T SIMPLY ACCEPT CLAIM DENIALS. CALL HOGAN & HOGAN FOR A FREE CLAIM EVALUATION WITH AN EXPERIENCED HOME INSURANCE LAWYER.