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Space Junk Crashes On Your Home: Who’s Liable?

By May 20, 2021August 8th, 2022No Comments


Did you know that more than 128 million pieces of space junk are just orbiting around the Earth. And an average of one piece a DAY falls to earth!  And we’re not talking about a screw here or a rubber hose there.

In 2002, a 6 year old boy from China suffered a fractured toe and head injuries after a satellite block crashed back to earth.

Just this year a vessel crashed on a farm in Washington making a 4 inch dent into the ground.

Puts a different spin to Chicken Little’s “The Sky Is Falling” doesn’t it?

So what happens if a piece of space junk from another country lands on your house? Who is liable? 

Enter the Outer Space Treaty of 1967  and 1972 Liability Convention. It basically says only your government can make the claim. So,  you would have to go to your own country’s government to make a claim against the original launching country. But what if you can’t prove where the piece came from? And isn’t it alarming that we are polluting outer space so much? Let me know what you think.

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