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In today’s blog, I answer the top “Is it legal to” Google searches. Here we go:

1. Is it legal to drive barefoot?

If that is so important to you, I have good news. It is legal to drive barefoot in all states.

2. Is it legal to burn money?

No. It is not legal to burn money. It is a Federal crime and you can go to jail for ten years. So don’t do it.

3. Is it legal to sleep in my car?

No. A lot of cities have been making sleeping in your car illegal to manage the homeless problem. Just don’t drive drowsy and get in a car accident.

4. Is it legal to dumpster dive?

Yes, since property in dumpsters are deemed abandoned.

5. Is it legal to smoke with a minor in my car?

Yes. Except for the following states: Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Vermont. It is also illegal to in the the United States territories of Guam and Puerto Rico.

6. Is it legal to take sand from a beach?

No. A lot of beach towns have erosion problems and therefore have laws making it illegal to take sand from the beach.

And last but not least …

7. Is it legal to marry my brother?

Sigh. No. Incest is not permitted. Although, in some states it is legal to live with your sibling as a married couple. You just cannot legally marry.

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