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You are constantly getting telemarketing calls and you are sick of it – it more than just bugs you – you are ready to take action.  I am going to tell you what to do to fight back against telemarketers.  I mean really fight back. 

You’re Going to Sue Them

This is going to be a little work but it works:

  • First, register your phone number with federal Do Not Call Registry.  It’s and it takes literally five minutes.
  • Second, wait thirty-one days.  That’s the statutory time in which telemarketers have to obtain your phone number and add it to their list.
  • Third, when you receive a telemarketer call say only the following:

“What company are calling from?”

And then say, “Please add me to your Do not call list.”

Write down the company name – which they are required by federal law to provide and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE. 

Especially never say the word “yes” because some companies are recording you and will use your recorded voice to authorize credit card transactions.

Now, IF the same company calls again, record the call if possible.  See my blog on how to legally record phone calls to make sure you do this legally.

And FINALLY, get a copy of your phone bill or log showing the incoming call.

You are now ready punch back.  First, you call the Feds and report the violator at 1-877-382-4357 .

Second, you sue the company for a willful violation of the
Telephone Consumer Protection Act laws for $500 for each non-willful violation and $1,500 for each willful violation.  That’s small claims court territory – no attorney needed.

And there you have it – go get ‘em.

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