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How does the President of the United States get kicked out of office and what will this likely look like with President Trump?

The impeachment process is found in the United States Constitution and it is begun by the House of Representatives with a simple majority vote.

The impeachment then goes to the Senate for basically a trial on whether the President committed “High crimes and misdemeanors.” 

Unfortunately “high crimes and misdemeanors” is not defined by the Constitution (bad job founding fathers, my Constitutional professor would NOT approve) – so no one really knows what it means but it sounds like it should be some pretty serious stuff by the sound of it.

Here’s where things will get hard for the Democrats:

  • President Trump will have to be found guilty by two-thirds of the Senate following the trial.  And who controls the Senate?  The Republicans. 

SO, unless a very large amount of Republicans cross party lines, which won’t happen, President Trump would NOT be found guilty.

And the Democrats know this.  So why do it?  Well, impeachment is embarrassing, and politically horrible.  President Trump might not want to go through it and he would then resign. 

This is essentially how President Nixon was pushed out of office.

In conclusion, President Trump likely won’t be impeached but politics as we know it will be that much more horrendous. 

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